Something About Me

About the Blog:

Hello everyone,

A hearty welcome to Fashion Island! This is an online fashion journal started by a fashion & tech enthusiasts from India- Tuba Rizvi

I have long been involved in the field of fashion & blogging; some way or the other and finally,  I felt it is high time,  I blend in both the things together & that’s how Fashion Island emerged from the very depths of the vast ocean, which we call imagination.

About the Blogger:

This Indian fashion blog is meant for both boys & girls who wish their style to speak for them first. Be it what to wear dilemmas, latest fashion trends or product reviews, I am here to help you with a second and mature opinion.

I have been into the field of fashion blogging for the past 5-6 years, so,undoubtedly, starting a fashion blog of my own was something I had on my mind since long. Like every other girl, getting dressed up well is an obsession of mine. A fashion blog is the best way to showcase your style & knowledge about fashion to the world. Fashion bloggers are indeed an inspiration, I’ve always turned to some of my favourite ones for day to day dressing up ideas. If I, myself, can be source of inspiration to any girl out there, my efforts will prove to be fruitful.

You’ll get to see lots of curated model outfits, OOTDs, fashion inspirations which will never let you go out of ideas as to what to wear on a day to day basis as well as on special occasions. At times, I, personally, will be showing up in various outfit posts while other times, I shall be using my friends as models. Believe me, boys & girls, you are going to have a great time at Fashion Island. So hop on board & get set style!

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