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Lace Midi dress | Fashion trends 2017

I am a sucker of midi dresses! I already own a number of them and well, there’s always room for more…There’s an air of elegance and sophistication around midi dresses that make them so appealing. From formal to fancy, midi dresses are always an excellent choice. Now, today’s post is dedicated to one such midi dress that has intrigued me with its beauty ever since I saw it last year. The dress, originally launched a couple of years back by the London label Self Portrait managed to steal away everyone’s hearts and pockets with its mesmerizing design and feminine vibes. The dress has a cut out lace pattern from top to bottom with a contrast lining on the inside. Thin straps and a slightly deep sweetheart neckline are the other features of this dress that make it so so beautiful and glamorous.

Now obviously, the dress is designer which asks a fortune to afford it… £240….oh well but girls, there’s nothing to worry about. More affordable versions are available in stores like Topshop, Zaful etc.

Lace Midi dress

The egg blue and scarlet red shades are my absolute favorites. The pastel shades make this a perfect summer wedding outfit. Or a really special day date with your beloved, drive him crazy by putting on this dress with a pair of strappy heels. The darker shades like red, burgundy and black are most suitable for evening occasions. You can check out below how I’ve suggested wearing the scarlet red lace midi dress.
From celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Maisie Williams to the best of fashion bloggers, all have been spotted styling this lace midi dress. When I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Victoria McGrath (Inthefrow), the dress went right on top of my wishlist.
The dress suits a range of body types and ages. While on one hand it can be easily dressed up with sexy heels, you can even make it more wearable by putting on a denim/biker jacket and a pair of flats. The flattering silhouette and the incredibly well cut lace embroidery make this the dress of the season for yet another year!

Self portrait dress, lace midi dress outfit, Indian fashion bloggerSelf portrait dress, lace midi dress outfit, Indian fashion blogger

Do you own the lace midi dress? (I’m jealous if you do) If you’re a blogger and have styled it, feel free to leave the link to your outfit post in the comment section! Can’t wait to check it out.

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