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Stylish workout outfits inspired by your favorite celebrities | for Men

Workout has become an important part of life nowadays for both men and women. Gyms in every nook and corner are flourishing thanks to the increasing health consciousness. And who doesn’t want to achieve the sensational abs and perfect curves?!

Well, don’t worry, I’m not here to lecture you on the importance of working out and hitting the gym because I guess most of our readers are already aware of that. At Fashion Island, we promote style and fashion and that’s exactly what today’s post is about.
Most of you would say workout outfits should be comfortable which is absolutely true but when you can achieve both style and comfort, why compromise on either. Learn from hunks like David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc
Celebrities are a major source of inspiration when it comes to fitness goals. They are also the best source to draw inspiration for our style goals for every occasion. Here are a few of them:
1) Charlie Hunnam – The full sleeve tee coupled with full track pants makes it an ideal outfit both for summer and winter workouts.

stylish gym outfit,health tracker,gym cap2) Shia LaBeouf – The perfect tank top which reveals just the right amount of you and makes you look stylish instead of a jerk. Not to forget the matching shorts and shoes that increase the style factor exponentially.

tank tops,gym shorts

3) Ryan Gosling – Most simple and elegant outfit u can sport to a gym.

gym tees,stylish running shoes

4) Jake Gyllenhaal – That hoodie gives u a mysterious guy look making them;)) want to see more. The outfit is perfect for winter workouts.

hoodie,track pants,gym tees

5) Orlando Bloom – Those stylish shoes and that fitness wristband gives u a perfect stylish+geeky look.

shorts,orlando bloom

6) David Beckham – Any doubts about this man’s style? The cap+tees+knee length shorts over tights support your legs as well as your style perfectly.

gym tights,stylish glasses,gym cap

Even if you don’t admit, guys, I know hitting the gym is just not about working out (if you know what I mean). You need to be high on your style quotient too and get into the proper sweat burning mode and what’s better than taking inspiration from your own movie stars and celebrities!
Isn’t it amazing how they make even a simple jogger pants and hoodie look like the most stylish pieces of clothing?!


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