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Men of experience will tell you how important it is for even men to dress up well. As shallow as it may sound, outer demeanor makes a massive impact on the impression you leave on others, both personally and professionally. Every occasion demands a different outfit and some basic dressing rules. You are required to dress up according to your age, your line of work and your style. And the best part is that you can look your best effortlessly by keeping a few things in mind.

Today, at Fashion Island, I’m going to talk about the top fashion tips for men.

Simplicity is key

It’s important for men to remain minimalist in their dressing. It makes them look smart, sophisticated and handsome. Trends come and go but style remains. Overdressing can sometimes look really unflattering and shabby. Tacky accessories, weird shoes, too much of print and patterns can result in a fashion disaster and who wants to become the talk of the town for that? A smart casual white tee with blue jeans, when worn wisely can look so charming and flattering, trust me!

The Perfect fit

Just keep in mind that not everyone can pull off the oversized clothes look Kayne West. And I personally feel, you don’t have to. Why look frumpy and baggy when you can appear dapper and charming in well fitted clothing. Go for  a high street tailor if only he is the one who can make your suit fit you like a glove. Opt for skinny jeans over baggy ones and when it comes to shirts, just know that they must be of your true size. A well fitted outfit adds class and charm to the entire look. However, this doesn’t mean that all your clothes have to be tight as skin. Sizes that fit well and you feel comfortable in are the best.

Accessories for menMen's accessories, Men's fashion

Accessories play a major role in a men’s closet. If you want to up your style quotient I suggest you invest in a good leather belt, a leather wallet and sunglasses, particularly wayfarers or aviators. A classy bow tie or neck tie can make you steal the spotlight of the evening paired with your well fitted suit. A sophisticated watch never fails to impress others.

The Capsule wardrobe for men

Capsule wardrobe includes the basic requirements of everyday dressing. For men, a capsule wardrobe should be comprised of the following:
A white shirt
Blue & Black denim jeans
Basic tees (white/black/blue)
Black shirt
A hoodie
Black jacket
Black trousers
There are of course many other pieces that you can include in it according to your taste and preference.
Classic white shirt for men

Investing in timeless classics

If you are willing to invest in fashion, go for timeless classics. A premium long coat for instance is one of the best fashion items for men to invest in. I haven’t seen anything look more sophisticated and posh as a camel/black long coat does, on men! Another one is a classic tuxedo which if fits you well and suits your style will last years altogether. Michelle Obama recently revealed how Barack wore the same tux for God knows how many times as President…and it’s safe to say he looked equally dapper each time.

Stay well groomed

A well cut beard and hair can make you stand out in the crowd, effortlessly. Try to keep your hairstyle and beard cut not just according to the latest trend because many such trends can be quite ridiculous. They should be what suits your face and boosts your confidence. Hairstyles that never go out of date and see you through the season leave a great impression on others. There’s absolutely no harm in looking well groomed and trying out some basic grooming products.
I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any more tips to add, you can share it with us through the comment section.
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