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10 summer must haves for women | How to style them

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How has this summer season been so far for you? Out here it’s been raining cats and dogs for a while now. I’ve heard that the temperatures are soaring in some parts of the world which means we are kind of in the transition period  from summer to monsoon. I know you must have stocked your closets for the season but hey, it’s never too late to go shopping, right? In today’s post I want to share with you the top 10 summer essential clothing for women and how you can style them. After following other amazing fashion bloggers and gorgeous celebrities for years and keeping up with the latest fashion trends of 2017, here are the 10 essential summer clothing that I highly recommend each fashionista to own in her closet.

1) Off shoulder blouse

I guess you already knew this was coming. Off the shoulder is the hottest fashion trend of this season! Having a few ruffled off shoulder blouses and dresses are going to keep you on top of the fashion radar. These tops are really cute and feminine. Pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts, cute flats or sexy stilettos; absolutely anything and you’ll look beautiful!

Fashion trends 2017, off shoulder top

2) Cold shoulder

Incase you ever have enough of fully bare shoulders (which I know you won’t) treat yourself with a cold shoulder blouse on such days. Cold shoulder basically includes bare shoulders lying between the sleeves and straps. It looks really trendy and fashionable and is also one of the most loved fashion trends of 2017.

Summer fashion trends 2017

3) Denim shorts

Denim makes shorts look classy. You can style a well fitted pair of denim shorts with literally anything without compromising on the style quotient. Just make sure those shorts are of the right length and fit. Choose your favorite from among frayed edges, lace borders or simple rolled edges. Pair it with a cut tank top, comfortable shoes or flats for the ultimate summer outfit!

4) Stripes

Fashion trends 2017

Stripes are an absolute must have for spring /summer. A striped shift or skater dress is undoubtedly a summer must have. Pair it with red accessories and you’ll never go wrong.

5) Kimono jacket

Incase you aren’t aware of these, kimono jackets are extremely light weight shrug kind of jackets with traditional Asian prints that are usually used as cover ups. If you are planning to spend your summer vacations at the beach, these are a must have! They look extremely stylish and trendy.

6) Maxi dress

maxi dress for summer, summer fashion trends

Sashay around the city in a beautiful printed maxi dress and make heads turn. There’s something about the dresses that make them look so captivating. Maxi dresses protect your legs from tanning. Put on your wedges and a summer hat & you’re ready! These dresses are available in endless number of styles, choose the one you’re most comfortable in.

7) Culottes

Culottes, Summer fashion trends 2017

If you wish to avoid wearing skinny jeans in the heat, culottes or wide leg pants are a great alternative, not to mention, trendier and more fashionable. Denim culottes and pleated culottes are my personal favorites. What about you? Style denim culottes with an otherwise all black ensemble for a sophisticated look.

8) Rain boots

Because summer includes the 4 o clock showers. Avoid getting stained with mud by wearing a classy pair of rain boots that add to the style factor of your outfit. Red and black pairs are a must have.

9) Embroidered jeans

Embroidered jeans, Summer fashion trends 2017

Another novel fashion trend of this season is fancy embroidered jeans. These days you can spot fashionistas ditching the usual denim jeans for ones with colorful embroidery and patchwork. Colourful embroidery adds a new life to jeans. It looks very modish and feminine. A must have this season! I recommend you to invest in at least one good pair of embroidered jeans.

summer fashion trends 2017

10) A white blouse

white blouse, Summer fashion trends 2017Probably the most essential piece of summer clothing in every girl’s closet is a beautiful white blouse. Be it a lace one, an off shoulder one, a ruffled one or any other style but you’ve got to have it! You can style white tops with almost anything and anytime. One very stylish way of doing that is pairing it with a flared jeans & adding pastel accessories for the summer feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

P.S- images from Google, collages curated by me via Polyvore

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