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5 trendy date outfits for this summer | Women’s Fashion

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Our apologies for being MIA so long! Exam time, when you obviously don’t feel like doing anything else other than sleeping and eating… Is what we were going through. We have a lot of catching up to do… Summer season is at its peak, the heat is totally killing it this year. Well, as most of us must have got over with exams and entered into the summer holidays mode, it’s time to catch up with friends, plan vacations, dates and parties!
Today’s post is specially dedicated to summer dates. For girls, dressing up for a date is always an exciting thing. We all want to look our best, wear something extraordinary to impress our partners. The key to looking good, always, is not going overboard. Most of us would agree that dresses are a perfect choice for such special occasions. So, dates can be of different types. A casual day date, a well planned date night, a vacation date etc. Similarly, the type of dress varies. While there can be tons of ideas for how to style dresses for a date, here are 5 different types of dresses that you can choose from to dress to impress!
1) Shift dress 
When comfort is your priority, just slip in a cute shift dress, pull up your sneakers and catch up with your beloved for a stroll in the park.
shift dress,sun glasses,cross body
2) Off shoulder maxi dress
It’s so feminine and romantic! Perfect for dressing up on a hot summer day or a romantic getaway near the beach.
off shoulder maxi dress,hat,flats
3)Floral dress
Floral dresses are the epitome of beauty and chic. You can pick out a midi or mini floral dress, add some pop of color with accessories, spray on a fruity fragrance and you are ready to make him hungry for something more than just a lunch date. *wink*
floral outfit,clutch,wedges
4)Denim dress
When in doubt wear denim and red! Red accessories add the perfect pop of color to a denim outfit. Denim dresses can be worn for both a day or evening date. Make sure you put on a slick of your favorite red lipstick to make him go crazy!
denim outfit,block heels,scarf
5)Tie neck pleated dress 
This one is most suitable for a proper luncheon date or a candle night dinner. It is elegant, feminine and beautiful. Add heels and accessories to complete the outfit in style.
dress ,black heels,cross body handbag
We hope you enjoyed this mini dress guide and now are totally ready to rock the perfect summer date outfit!

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