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Men’s guide to wearing pastels | 5 pastel shade outfit ideas

Spring/Summer is all about wearing soft and light shades, essentially pastels. Among girls, mint green, baby pink and other pastel shades are a big favourite. However, these colors aren’t constrained to women’s fashion alone. Men can rock them equally well in this season and bring a fresh vibe to their spring/summer outfits by keeping a few things in mind.

How to wear pastels –  Men’s outfit

Pastel shades are soft and subtle, much better than their darker counterparts. Men usually prefer dressing in neutral shades or shades of black and blue. Colors like peach, light pink and green can break the monotony, fashionably.
Pastels are a style statement and I present before you a guide to wearing pastels through 5 different outfits. The outfits are more on the formal to semi formal side. Sophisticated, crisp yet including some appealing colors!

1) For a formal day date with your better half…


blazers,polo neck tees,smart watch,loafers,leather belt

2)Pastel chinos for a day out with friends/ College outfit…


cool backpack,trendy college outfit,classic wristwatches,blue sneakers,chinos


3) Look dapper in a tailored blue suit and a crisp pink shirt/Formal outfit


blue formal suit,blazer,shirt,formal brown shoes,sunglasses,formal outfit


4) Daily at your best/Office outfit


black office shirt,office wristwatch,blue trousers,black office shoes, office outfit ideas

5) On a casual note…


casual pastel outfit, off white loafers, pink trousers, sunglasses,deodorant,wristwatch,

Tip: Avoid including multiple pastel shades in your outfit.

I hope these models outfits can inspire you to add more pastel clothing to your summer closet and style them fashionably. Also, let me know which outfit is your favorite?

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