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How to style | Trench coat for men and women

The weather has taken a turn and winters have made a comeback in many parts of the country. We hope you haven’t put away all your layers because you may freeze without them. It’s fairly pleasant in our city and when it comes to putting on layers, all we can think of is a trench coat. A classic trench coat that never goes out of vogue! Trench coat fashion is best to follow when you can’t go out without a layer & yet can’t bear to wear any more of those heavy knits & coats. For guys, jackets and sweatshirts are always the preferred layers but if you want to flaunt some class and stand out in the crowd, a trench coat is what you need in your closet.

The fashion industry is flooded with trench coats for men as well as women. Brands like Burberry are well-known for their iconic and luxury trench coats. So, it ain’t hard to find a suitable trench coat for yourselves and it’s even simpler to style them. Trench coats are the perfect outwear to opt for on days when the sun plays hide and seek, the cool wind doesn’t allow you to step out in a single tee/top/shirt. They are light and add a sophisticated element to any outfit thanks to their structured & tailored details & draped fronts. The best part is that trench coats look equally appealing on both boys and girls.

Trench coat women

The first outfit curated is for girls who own a trench coat & if you don’t it’s high time you do. Yes, this is one wardrobe staple that we urge you to go out & buy! A classy tailored trench coat with a waist belt can be effortlessly styled over a pair of dark skinny jeans. Skinny denims are certainly one of the best things invented in this world (others including the internet & lots of clothes, of course :p) Skinny dark denims with a simplistic black roll neck will be a perfect combination to go for on such days. Not to forget a cute pair of trendy flats like these ones from Kate Spade NY will add to the style factor in your outfit. Accessorize with a watch & don’t forget your umbrella because it may rain again any moment!


Trench coat outfit

Trench coat men

As already mentioned, styling trench coats is effortless indeed. For boys, it gets even easier! We would recommend you to go for the all-time favourite combination of a colour block,casual t-shirt and dark denims. Seriously, looking dapper & stylish was never so easy! But let’s not stop here because the star of the outfit is going to be your trench coat. We bet you going to turn heads ( and that too good ones) once you step out in this outfit. This trench coat for men out here is like a nice jacket with a few structured details. Simplistic & classy, just the way we like it! Because this is more of a casual, off-duty outfit, opt for black and white sneakers or casual boots to complete the outfit.
Trench coat outfit for men
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