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So,today’s post is specially meant for college girls. As we move from school to college, one of the drastic changes that occurs is- No uniform!(that’s the case in most colleges & I pity you if it isn’t in yours) While one one hand this excites us a lot, on the other hand, every morning, it leaves us wondering as to what to wear. Unlike boys, most of the girls do prefer to dress up well in colleges. I, personally, prefer to look presentable enough but not too made up. I go for simple yet elegant outfits, comfort being my priority. Frankly speaking, if you can just play the jeans/top combo well, it’s way better than a messed up dressy outfit(I hope some of you can relate to what I’m trying to say)
If you are a college girl, lots of breezy patterned tops, some must-have shirts, blouses, well-fitted lingerie, a few pairs of trusted jeans & comfortable flats & shoes ought to make your spring/summer closet. At Fashion Island we are gonna give you lots and lots of ideas that will hopefully assist you in getting dressed up every morning without too much brainstorming. For this article I have curated a lovely pink outfit.

spring 1

This outfit is for girls who are more into light,pastel shades. I chose a cute baby pink peasant blouse(full sleeves because it’s spring); peasant tops are so cool, trendy & comfortable. Paired it with greyish-black denims, many would go for white or light blue but I would prefer that shade. My favourite part of the outfit has to be these lovely Converse sneakers, how beautiful are they!(on my wishlist) Sneakers are a perfect choice when you want a combination of style & comfort. Tie your hair or let them loose, accessorize with a watch or a pair of earrings and you are ready to go! College fashion was never so simple!

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